Work in interdisciplinary teams

Intensive engagement with societal topics

Out of the box
and creative thinking

Independent and self-organized project work

International orientation with English language


iLab: A Unique Approach

  • i for interdisciplinary: team members from different disciplines
  • i for international: incoming students from all over Europe take part
  • i for intercultural: cross-cultural teams, English as the working language
  • i for innovative: from the idea to the concrete implementation
  • i for intensive: elective semester with 30 ECTS

"The iLab brings together students from all over the world and a wide range of disciplines to work towards an innovative solution for a specific challenge. In addition to learning important specialised knowledge, the students also train their own initiative, self-organisation, independence and self-responsibility."

Alois Frotschnig
Initiator of iLab & Head of Department of Media and Digital Technologies


iLab wins State Prize for Excellence in Teaching

In 2019, the “Ars Docendi” State Prize for Excellence in Teaching was awarded to Austrian public universities, universities of applied sciences, private universities and pedagogical universities at the Aula der Wissenschaften in Vienna.

The “Ars Docendi” State Prize honours outstanding teaching performances at Austrian universities, thus emphasising the importance of teaching for the scientific system, the cooperation in tertiary education, and the associated quality development.

The Interdisciplinary Lab (iLab) of the St. Pölten UAS won the prize in the category “Cooperative Forms of Teaching and Working”. The innovative, interdisciplinary and international elective module fosters the qualifications of students in their respective areas of expertise and beyond.

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